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The Total Stone Roses Resurrection

The UK’s BEST Stone Roses Tribute returns to The Studio on Friday 17th March.

If you love I Am The Resurrection, Made Of Stone, Fools Gold, Waterfall, She Bangs The Drums and many more, then do not miss this exclusive opportunity to hear your favourite Stone Roses anthems performed live by the UK’s finest tribute!

The Total Stone Roses have been playing gigs and stunning audiences throughout the country building up a solid fan base.

The band, who are all in their early to mid-twenties, bring the same passion, vigour, arrogance and charisma that only the young have, the old want and that cannot be faked. This same drive is what gave The Stone Roses their X Factor and took them to the heady heights of success and fame that they achieved in the late 1980's and early 1990's and beyond.

The Total Stone Roses are made up of top draw Leeds College of Music graduates who strive to re-create the roses sound live and are meticulous in the recreation of their material. You will not find a better sound alike band this side of 1989!

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