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Peter Barton Fronts All-Star Lineup for The Studio's 2024 Clearwater Creedance Revival

In a musical extravaganza that promises to leave audiences awestruck, The Studio proudly presents its first gig of 2024 featuring the sensational Clearwater Creedance Revival, led by the incomparable Peter Barton. This all-star lineup, comprising seasoned musicians with pedigrees that read like a who's who of rock and roll history, is set to make waves and create an unforgettable night for music enthusiasts.

The nucleus of Clearwater Creedance Revival boasts the brilliant musical minds of Peter Barton and Geoff Hammond, who have been crafting magic together for an astonishing 20 years. Barton, revered as the lead singer of The Animals for an impressive 15 years, brings not just his vocal prowess but also a wealth of experience that has shaped the very fabric of rock history.

Geoff Hammond, the rhythmic heartbeat of Clearwater Creedance Revival, is no stranger to the spotlight. A former member of the Denny Laine Band, Hammond's drumming prowess has been the backbone of countless memorable performances.

Guitarist Graham Pollock, a luminary in his own right, played alongside Eric Haydock in The Hollies, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene. His strings, accompanied by the harmonious notes of bassist Alan Sagar, formerly of the cult country rock band Slack Alice, create a melodic synergy that transcends time and genre.

As these maestros converge on The Studio's stage, audiences can expect a journey through rock history, revisiting classics and creating new memories. The chemistry, camaraderie, and sheer musical mastery of Clearwater Creedance Revival promise to deliver an evening that transcends the ordinary.

Founder member Peter Barton expresses his excitement, stating, "We're ready to bring the house down and make this night one for the books. The Studio is in for a musical rollercoaster, and we can't wait to share the stage with the fans."

The Studio's first gig of 2024 is not merely a concert; it's a celebration of the enduring spirit of rock and roll. Clearwater Creedance Revival is set to remind us all why music is a timeless force that binds generations together.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience as Peter Barton and his extraordinary bandmates light up the stage, proving that the legends of yesterday are the maestros of today. The Studio awaits, and the countdown to a night of musical magic has officially begun.

Tickets available here

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