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Inaugural Home Town Gig for Machiner

We are thrilled to be hosting the inaugural home town gig for Machiner on 19th November here at The Studio.

Hailing from previous Hartlepool music bands, here's a bit of background and what you can expect from this event:

We are machiner.

A new band featuring Paul McCarte & Nick Crozier from well-known Hartlepool indie bands Procession & demon summer, plus Eddie Rees (demon summer). We make atmospheric music us

ing drum machines, synthesisers, samples and orchestration alongside big guitars to create textured dramatic songs with confessional lyrics...the stories unfolding themselves within multi-layered soundscapes...sometimes dark; and sometimes with a little light up ahead in the distance. This will be our third gig...and our inaugural hometown show following our debut on July 8th at Base Camp in Middlesbrough, followed by our second at NE Volume Bar in Stockton on the 20th of August. Our debut track entitled "the between" was released via bandcamp on July 6th.

It is the first of four songs we have recorded at Tower Street Studios with engineer Mark Hand (Cubic Space Collective), and we are currently mixing down the rest for future release.

Tickets can be purchased online or on the door

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